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5 Ways To Sabotage Your Sales Opportunities

If your closing rate is suffering or it’s taking longer than it should to close sales, you may be sabotaging your own efforts. Take a close look at how you interact with your prospects and make sure that each interaction adds value to the relationship, is focused on defining the […]

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It’s Never the Price!

When you ask a salesperson to list the top reasons why prospects buy, they will say price. When you ask buyers the reasons why they buy, price is usually third or fourth on the list of criteria. Could there be something else going on in John’s sales process that caused […]

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Close Deals 70% of the Time

It’s difficult to argue that sales is the lifeblood of any organization. How well and how often your business makes a sale, determines its success. The proper management of the sales team and the sales process is critical. Hiring sales professionals that are highly motivated and intelligent people with strong […]

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

December Quarter-end is behind us. Fiscal Year-end is behind us. Hanukkah celebrations are behind us. Christmas celebrations are behind us. And, our New Years Eve celebration is behind us. Happy New Year! On December 31st at midnight, millions of people from around the world sang the song “Auld Lang Syne” […]

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Setting a Goal? Visualize It!

People who regularly write down their goals earn 9X more $$ over their lifetime versus people who don’t! Have you established your top 5 “SMART” personal goals and your top 5 “SMART” professional goals for 2018? Once you’ve identified a goal that really matters to you, you’ll be more likely […]

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Rock The Trade Show Floor

As Sales Professionals, we can’t think of many prospecting options that we enjoy more than a busy Trade Show floor. Why? Where else can you get so much practice? Where else can you interact with multiple prospective clients each hour? Where else do you have people approaching YOU about your […]

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Voicemails Worthy Of Call Backs

When prospecting, should I or shouldn’t I leave a voicemail? If you have created a targeted voicemail that states the reason for your call, including a well-thought-out value proposition, then absolutely, YES leave a voice mail. If you’re leaving “touching base” voicemails or “checking-in” voicemails, then don’t bother. Voicemails should […]

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Far Too Many Coaches Rely On Winging It

In order to be effective and proficient in coaching, it takes planning, commitment, discipline, and patience. The starting point for coaching is a well thought out plan. The Sandler Step by Step Coaching Model is a road map to success. The first step is to develop the top 10 sales […]

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eMails That Get The Meeting

Social media is so prevalent now in life and business. Most of us can think of a time when we’ve received a link or friend request from someone we’ve never heard of, wanting to connect. No surprise, most of us treat such requests like spam email and delete them as […]

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The 2 Common Traits of Super Achievers. Do You Have Them?

As we move into the second half of the year, I want to remind you of the two common traits of super-achievers: 1. An unyielding commitment to constant learning; and 2. Clearly written goals with specific plans to achieve them As business leaders, most of us are aware of this […]

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