What is the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce and what does it do?

Established in 1995, the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce is a 501 (c) 6 business organization made up of over 500 members representing businesses and organizations of all sizes.

The Greater Lowell Chamber believes that when local businesses succeed, so do our communities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our members through education, marketing, networking, and advocacy to ensure that we have a strong local economy.

What area does the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce cover?

We are a regional Chamber that covers the City of Lowell and the Towns of Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough and Westford. Click here for more information about the communities we serve.

Is the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce funded by city, state or federal government?

No, the Chamber is an independent organization. All of our funding is through membership fees and sponsorships of our events and programs.

What is the structure of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce?

The policies and programs of the Chamber are determined by a volunteer Board of Directors. They, in turn, employ a paid President/CEO, who’s responsibility is to organize and execute the Chamber’s programs and carry out its policies. The President has paid support staff to help.

Why would I need to join the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber provides opportunities on a daily basis for you to grow your business or organization. We have over 100 events and programs every year and we are always adding new and exciting programs to our calendar. There are opportunities to fit every member’s needs, schedule and interests. If you are interested in finding out more information about the Chamber, please contact our Member Engagement Coordinator Linsey Former.

What specific benefits do members of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce receive?

There are so many benefits, programs and events that come along with being a member of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce. Many of these benefits are absolutely free, including networking events, seminars and radio and television time. Click here for a full list of benefits.

Who are members of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce?

Our members represent all types of businesses and industries both small and large. Examples of our members include financial services, manufacturing, retail, health care, real estate and communications. Whether you just started your business or have been in business for decades, our staff is here to support you and provide you with the resources relevant to your business or organization.

What does it cost?

Membership dues correlate with the size of your company. Click here for our dues structure.

Can I attend functions and events as a nonmember?

Prospective members are allowed to attend two events before deciding whether or not they’d like to join. We also have some events that are free and open to the public. If an event is open to the public, it will be indicated on the event listing.

How can I be involved?

We have numerous committees and advisory groups made up of volunteer members. When you join one of our committees you deepen the network you form at mixers, seminars and other Chamber events. It’s a great way to make a difference in the community, represent your business and take advantage of all of the benefits that the Chamber has to offer! To see a list of committees and their purposes click here.

How do I know if a business belongs to the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce?

You can look up all of our members in the online Membership Directory. This database is updated on a daily basis. We also have hard copies of our Membership Directory available in our office. They are free, available to the public and include a lot of great information about the Greater Lowell area.

Do you have Chamber members that are not based in Greater Lowell?

Yes, no matter where your business is located, if you currently conduct business in Greater Lowell or are looking to grow your business in the area, then you should become a member of the Greater Lowell Chamber. Our networking events, programs and services will help you increase your customer base, while our communications will keep you abreast of developments in the region that may affect your business.

Can I get a Certificate of Origin at the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce?

Yes, members receive notary services at no additional cost. Certificates of Origin are free and unlimited for members. The cost for nonmembers is $50 for every certificate.

I don’t think I can afford to become a member. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can pay in quarterly installments? For a business with 1-5 employees, it’s only $76.25 a quarter! Just give us your credit card number and you will be automatically billed through a secure website. All of our free benefits make it well worth the yearly investment!

Should I join if I don’t have the time to attend any events?

We have morning, afternoon and evening events to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. And, if you find any time of day tough, you can always send someone else from your business or organization to attend on your behalf.

How do I know it will be worth the money?

The Chamber has so many free benefits; they more than pay for your membership!

I’d like to go on your podcast, but I’m too shy or nervous. Am I the first person to feel this way?

No, a lot of people feel that way. Luckily, we make it really easy! When you’re a guest on one of our shows, we ask you to give us a list of 4-5 questions for us to ask you. The tone is very casual and conversational and we never ask you anything that you aren’t comfortable with. No curve balls here! People who come nervous can’t believe how fast the time goes by and how much fun they had.

I’ve attended networking events before and people have been very cliquey. Is this how your events are?

No cliques here! Not only will our staff and Board of Directors strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere – our members do too! We truly pride ourselves on the atmosphere of our events and many of our members (and potential members) have also commented about how welcomed they feel.

My business is doing well and I really don’t need the exposure. Why should I join?

Don’t put eggs in one basket! If you’re not continuously looking for new opportunities and networks,  your business will not grow.  We’re here to assist you by offering you B2B and B2C opportunities. After all, who doesn’t want more business?

The economy is tough and I can’t make the investment. Should I wait until things pick up?

Now more than ever it’s important to invest in your business through networking and marketing opportunities. When you become a member of the Greater Lowell Chamber you have access to many free benefits, as well as the Chamber team there to support you, refer you and connect you with the people and resources to help your business flourish.

To make it affordable for every business and organization we offer quarterly payments.

I was a member before and didn’t get anything out of it. What would make this time around different?

The Chamber has added so many events and programs over the past several years including Mega Mixers with other business organizations, Social Media seminars and assistance and our podcast. There is really something for everyone.

You get the most out of your membership if you take advantage of the benefits. The network you form and the exposure you receive is tremendous.

If I can’t attend events, then why should I join?

There are many other benefits you can take advantage of.

– Online & Print Directory: First and foremost, your business will be listed on the Chamber’s website that receives over 2,500 visitors a month. Our directory is open for anyone to see – no usernames or passwords required. You will also be in the print directory that is printed and distributed by the Lowell Sun. Each year the directory is distributed to over 55,000 households and businesses as well as the town halls in the Greater Lowell area, at the Chamber office and Chamber events and online at the Chamber and Lowell Sun websites.

– Referrals: The Chamber only refers members and we do so on a daily basis.

– Social Media Exposure: Contact the Chamber to share your marketing materials and event information via Social Media for free.

– Blog and Share your Information on the Chamber’s Website: Create a member profile and share your info directly on the Chamber website. The most recent posts appear right on the homepage.

– Support: The Chamber has many business resource partners that they can refer you to. They will introduce you to other members that compliment your business.

– Podcast: Be a guest on our InsideLowell Chamber Chat podcast.

Can I use the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce logo on my website and marketing material?

Yes, we encourage all of our members to use our logo and link it directly to our website. Email Danielle and she will email it over to you.

I’m looking to start my own company. Should I join the Greater Lowell Chamber before I actually establish my business?

We love when new businesses join the Chamber! However, we recommend that you join us after your business is established. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the Entrepreneurship Center at Community Teamwork or business services aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs. You can contact them at 978-322-8400. Another great organization for entrepreneurs is the Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) You can contact them at 978-934-6518.

Do you work with other business resources in the area?

Yes, we have an excellent relationship with many business resources and can refer you directly to them. Click here for a list of our business resource partners.

Who do I contact about:

Accounts payable or receivable? Patti McLaughlin

Attending an event? Linsey Former

Sponsoring an event? Danielle McFadden

Getting involved on a committee? Danielle McFadden

Hosting a mixer or an event? Linsey Former

Hosting a ribbon cutting? Danielle McFadden

Joining the Chamber? Danielle McFadden

Receiving newcomer information? The Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau has a wealth of information about the Greater Lowell area. You can call them at 978-459-6150.

Receiving tourist information? The Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau has a wealth of information about visiting the Greater Lowell area and beyond. You can call them at 978-459-6150.

Website or Social Media? Danielle McFadden

For additional questions, call 978-282-8283.

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