WHATSAPP PLUS 2018 | How to Download and Install for Free

As you know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. However, there is one that is gradually becoming more and more popular. This is WhatsApp Plus which is nothing more than an unofficial WhatsApp MOD. But it has certain improvements and customization options that are not available when you download WhatsApp in the official version.

Although this version of WhatsApp is a more powerful tool than the official version. You have had some compatibility issues and blockages from WhatsApp. Security issues and other issues you probably already know about. But this time WhatsApp+ has come back with an incredible improvement, much more secure and powerful, it’s WhatsApp Plus JiMODs.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus? https://comodescargar.net/whatsapp/
WhatsApp+ was once one of the most widely used unofficial MODS in WhatsApp.

MODS are modified versions of applications designed to run on Android. This operating system is open source. This means that anyone with programming knowledge can modify it and add improvements to it. And make those enhancements available to other mobile devices.

WhatsApp+ was a MOD. That is, it was the same app as the official one but with more customization options. Able to offer us a large number of features that the official customer does not have, even today.

WhatsApp+ allowed us to make modifications to the interface that the official version of WhatsApp did not allow. That made him very popular. However, WhatsApp does not like this. He stated that since it was not an official application, he could not guarantee safety in any way. And that the personal data of the phones that had WhatsApp Plus installed were at risk.

Official application vendors put a lot of pressure on WhatsApp+ developers to withdraw the application from the market. Because they didn’t want to use applications other than the official one.

In the end they decided to ban all WhatsApp+ users. Not before issuing a statement announcing “WhatsApp+ may share your information with third-party applications without your knowledge or permission. In this way they managed to leave the application in disuse for a few months.

The dissatisfaction with the disabling of the MOD was great. Even becoming a Trending Topic on Twitter. But at the time it seemed like there was no turning back. The good news is that in 2015, and thanks to a group of developers. The application was relaunched under the name WhatsApp Plus ReBorn. In essence, it is the same application, although in each version it is improving. The best thing about it is that it prevents Whatsapp banning on your mobile phone or cell phone. So you can rest assured by installing WhatsApp Plus ReBorn. In addition, installing WhatsApp Plus is free.

What is WhatsApp+ capable of doing?
The new MOD goes beyond the aesthetic improvements compared to the official version of the application. It offers us a number of differences with respect to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp+ is capable of:

Change visual themes in the app so we can customize each of our conversations.
It has a wide variety of emoticons available and you can even access the Google Hangouts.
You can share videos and pictures in their original quality without any limitations.
One of the functions that once contributed to the popularity of WhatsApp’s MOD is: It allowed us to hide the last hour of connection and even disable the double check that informs of the reading of a message. When both options were not yet available in the official version of the application.

Now the main novelty that we have in the MOD and that we do not enjoy in the official version of the application is the “Hidden” mode. Once you activate it, even if you’re online, your contacts will see your “Last logged on to…” status. This way you avoid giving others information about your connections. At the same time, you don’t have to give up on having information about your contacts’ last connection time. This happens if you choose not to show your last connection time in the official application.

There are rumors going around that to install WhatsApp+ you need to be root, but this is completely false. There are many rumors about this application. That’s why we’re going to give you a detailed guide on how to install and download WhatsApp Plus for Android. Our goal is that any of you can download the application for free from this same page and that you can do the installation without any problem.

What is WhatsApp+ JiMODs?
This is a WhatsApp MOD for Android devices. It allows you to enjoy additional benefits that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp

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