Rethinking Transportation – Part 1

“Transportation services” has been in my job description for the past few years. However, like most everyone else, it’s been part of my life since my father picked my mom and me up from the hospital a few days after I was born (this was a while ago, when mothers were able to spend more than 24 hours in the hospital after giving birth!)

This is an obvious statement: we all rely on transportation of various kinds to get us where we need to go. When I was younger, my parents drove me where I needed to go, or I hitched a ride with friends. As I got older, I would drive myself to school or work, the gym, my friends’ houses. Or, when I lived in New York City or Chicago or Boston, I learned the art of taking mass transit, with all of its strengths and weaknesses. So, through each phase of my life, I faced a transportation challenge, and solved it differently based on my situation. 

However, less obvious to many of us – including me – is that ‘transportation’ is a system, a set of processes. I didn’t really think about “my transportation challenges” as such – I just knew I needed to get from A to B reliably, so I did what it took. I didn’t look at the issues related to transportation until a few years ago. Sure, I knew at some level that a lot of people had to scramble to find a reliable way to get to work or wherever. I had an inkling that mass transit authorities weren’t able to meet all of the needs of their citizenry. But I didn’t truly appreciate the scope and breadth of the problem until a few years ago, when I joined QRyde.
Next week, we’ll start to explore these issues in some more detail . I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

I look forward to exploring this world of creating safe, affordable, reliable transportation options for everyone! Stay tuned.

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