Onpage SEO, Tip #3 of #8, Write Unique META Descriptions

Onpage SEO, Tip #3 Write Unique META Descriptions, Ronald Couming discussing the value of, and need to, Write Unique META Descriptions, as tip #3 of this 8 part series, 8 Easy Tips for Onpage SEO

Tip # 3. Write Unique META Descriptions

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While the META Description tag has little or no direct impact on ranking these days, it does have 2 important indirect impacts:

It (usually) determines your search snippet and impacts click-through rate (CTR).

It’s another uniqueness factor that makes pages look more valuable.

Again, there are plenty of ways to generate META descriptions from data, including just using snippets of product descriptions. Try to make descriptions meaningful and attractive to visitors, not just pseudo-sentences loaded with keywords.

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Thank you Dr. Peter J. Meyers, for original article that parts of this was taken from.

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