Content Marketing, Tip #13 of #24, Syndicate Your Content

Content Marketing, Tip#13 Syndicate Your Content, Ronald Couming discussing the value of, and need to, Syndicate Your Content, as tip #13 of this 24 part series, 24 Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know

Tip # 13. Syndicate Your Content

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Syndicate your content to reach a new audience and drive referral traffic back to your site.

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90% of a business’s success is marketing. Having an effective and efficient online presence is vital to a businesses success.

We at RCS Technology Solutions, LLC provides business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to attract new clients with various Lead Generation services, Convert those leads into clients, and retain those clients, while also converting those clients in raving fans.

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Ronald E Couming, is an Internet Marketing Expert, and the Founder and CEO of RCS Technology Solutions He is an internationally recognized speaker, accomplished author, Radio Show host, and successful entrepreneur. Ronald‘s passion is helping business owners to ” Have even greater success, ” by creating scalable and sustainable business models, beyond anything they could ever imagine.

He is, and has been, an “Ask the Expert” (for Internet Marketing) at America’s largest trade show for entrepreneurs and small businesses, reaching 14 major US cities and nearly 100,000’s entrepreneurs.

Leveraging his diverse background in Internet marketing, technology, self-development, Leadership, team building and entrepreneurship, he has created an innovative approach to helping businesses, and business owners, achieve extraordinary, sustainable success.

Ronald has taught and helped businesses all across the country on how to achieve even greater success with proven Internet marketing strategies, coupled with analytic metrics.

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Tip # 1. Use Content Gently
Tip # 2. Use Social Ads
Tip # 3. Promote Your Content Through a .Com Domain
Tip # 4. Don’t Force the Content
Tip # 5. Don’t Just Write Short Posts
Tip # 6. Create Buyer Personas
Tip # 7. Guest Blog
Tip # 8. Avoid Verbose Headlines
Tip # 9. Leverage Emails
Tip # 10. Blog Consistently, Not Sporadically
Tip # 11. Share Your Own Content
Tip # 12. Repurpose Old Content
Tip # 13. Syndicate Your Content
Tip # 14. Create a Content Strategy
Tip # 15. Content Promotion Strategy
Tip # 16. Audience Building Plan
Tip # 17. Reference Influencers
Tip # 18. Send Thank You Messages
Tip # 19. Don’t Generate One-Off Content
Tip # 20. Conversion Optimization Principles
Tip # 21. Pay Attention to Analytics
Tip # 22. Evergreen Content
Tip # 23. Focus on the Audience
Tip # 24. You Can’t Force Good Writing

Thank you Sujan Patel for the article that was used, in part, as a reference.

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