17 Top Search Engine Ranking Factors in 2017

You may not realize this but Google uses 200 elements in deciding which web-pages to present in their search results when a user searches for a particular term/phrase. Now unless you are on Google’s payroll and are on the team that develop those elements into their algorithms, you are not going to know what exactly these are.

Nevertheless, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts have conducted in depth research and offered their insights and findings on these factors. Consequently, we now have a roughly clear idea on what transpires.

Out of the 200 factors, I have highlighted 17 leading indicators which are most likely used to rank a website in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo in 2016 and beyond. Focusing on these will insuring that you have a leg-up on your competition.

Primary Keyword in Domain Name

When the primary keyword is included in your domain name, the probability of getting placement in the search engines such as Google is substantially enhanced. Having keywords in the domain name helps search engine crawlers locate the pertinent pages that a potential customer may be searching for. In the past this technique worked very well, fast forward to today and it works much less but still a factor. One being the bold keywords that will appear in the domain name when that keyword is searched for by a potential customer.

Targeted Keyword in the Title Tag

The title forms a principle element of any piece of written content, and it is equally valuable when it comes to search engine optimization. The fundamental feature that Google regards as the signal for search engine result pages is the title tag. Your primary keywords should therefore be used accurately in your title for it to appear perfect and appropriate in the eyes of Google and search engine result pages.

Age of the Domain Name

When it comes to search engine optimization, there is one thing that most believe, that the age of a Domain Name helps in your ranking. Yes and No, I believe that an website can be old and never rank because of poorly executing important factors but it the same light totally dominate when most factors are met.

Pro Tip: The longer you register your domain the better benefit that Google will see, they will see it as a serious business and not a turn and burn type of website.

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