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The Secret to Leading Children to Financial Success

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard or read people say, “I can’t believe schools don’t teach you how to manage your finances!” It seems like such an important skill that many kids lack today. Alas, it is up to us parents to take charge of the financial education […]

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Small Business Owners and Their Credit Scores

Some small business owners might be surprised to learn that their credit score can be a significant factor when applying for financing. It highlights the importance of being proactive in managing your credit file. I put together a few points on how credit scores are derived and how you can […]

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Small Business Financing – What Do Banks Look For?

Small Business Financing – What Do Banks Look For? Underwriting a new business loan centers on the 5 C’s of credit: Capacity, Collateral, Character, Capital, and Conditions. Below are some general guidelines that are followed within the banking industry. For small businesses, the focus should be on the bottom line. […]

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