Member Love Monday with Zippy’s Espresso Love


How often have you spent time waiting in line for a cup of coffee?  Probably more often than you’d like, whether you’re sitting in the drive through, or at a shop on the corner, it’s never fun to have to wait in line for coffee.  Luckily here at the Chamber, we know of the perfect solution for that!  Zippy’s Espresso Love is a company that delivers a coffee machine right to your office, there is no rental or leasing fees, all you pay for is what you drink!  We like the sounds of that, and we’re sure many of you will too.

Their machines are imported from Italy, and provide you with 8 high quality drink options including black coffee, coffee with milk, cappuccino, latte, mochacchino, espresso, hot chocolate,  and a special flavor of the month.  They use fresh, whole coffee beans and use spring water rather than a plumbed water line, to provide their customers with the best taste possible.  Zippy’s also completely stocks the machine with cups, sugar, a variety of individual creamers, and the various flavors AND will do all of the cleaning and maintenance on the machine.  They really do try to make the process as easy as possible on their customers, oh, and if the machine breaks, they will take care of it quickly to ensure that your office staff stays happy and caffeinated.

Zippy’s offers businesses different payment options as well, either the machine can be used as a vending machine, and the employees pay per cup, the company can pay for everything and be invoiced monthly, or a company can choose to do subsided vending, meaning the employees and company share the cost of consumption.  The machine can accept coin, cash, credit, and debit cards, and they even have a referral program which can earn you free drinks! The best part is there is no limit on the amount of drinks you can earn, as long as the referral results in a new Zippy’s machine placement for at least 3 months.

This small, local business located in Chelmsford, truly goes above and beyond to give their customers the best experience possible.  It is run by a wonderful couple who pride themselves on the reputation of their company, and are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve their customer service.  They also love being involved with the community, Zippy’s notes on their page that they love to help companies fundraise, they have participated in many community events and charities and are looking forward to helping further!

So next time you’re waiting in line, running late for work or using your lunch break to get a coffee, consider contacting Zippy’s Espresso Love to save you time, and put a little zip in your step, one sip at a time.



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