Member Love Monday with the Power of Flowers Project!

power of flowers

It’s not always common that you come across a business that exists solely to help others and put a smile on their faces, so when we do we always hope to have them as members.  One such member is the Power of Flowers Project, an organization that works to make a difference in the community, one flower at a time.  Founded in 2009 by floral designer Joyce Bellefeuille, they began with a few volunteers working out of her basement workshop and now have expanded to include over 100 volunteers who all donate their time, and many recipient facilities that serve the ill, elderly, veterans, and anyone else in need of a smile.

Since their humble beginnings, they have delivered over 29,000 individual arrangements throughout the community, that’s a lot of smiles they have provided! After all, who doesn’t brighten up after seeing a beautiful arrangement of flowers just for them?  In fact studies have shown that flowers create feelings of happiness that can have lasting, long-term effects, they have even been shown to help improve memory!  This is exactly why it is so important for them to distribute as many flowers as possible to as many people in need as they can.  They make such a difference in the lives of the recipients at nursing homes, cancer and dialysis clinics, retirement communities, and many other locations.  For someone who is lonely or going through a hard time, flowers can make them feel as though someone is thinking of them and know they have not been forgotten.

The work they do would not be possible without donations, and flower donations come from many different sources.  Whether it’s a wedding, banquet, business conference, or memorial service, odds are there will be fresh flowers that may just be tossed once the event is over, rather than tossing them consider donating them to the Power of Flowers Project!  They will recycle them and make sure they make someone smile.  They also receive donations from local flower retailers or wholesalers, which are a great help to them.

While they do rely on donations of flowers and volunteers to make the arrangements, they still have costs such as foam and the cups to put the flowers in, refrigeration, plant food, and gas to deliver the arrangements.  If you’re interested in getting involved and making a donation, whether it’s of time, flowers, or monetary, it is much appreciated and goes a long way to make a difference in the lives of people in need!  Also, they are a 501(c)3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.  Next time you see a beautiful arrangement of flowers, we hope they put a smile on your face, and make you think of this wonderful organization that does so much to improve the lives of people right here in our own community!


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