Member Love Monday with Singleton’s Kitchen

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If you attended our Annual Business Expo on October 20th, you may have been lucky enough to sample a tasty treat from our friend Jane Singleton.  Jane owns and operates Singleton’s Kitchen, a baking company that creates every kind of treat you could imagine.  From cupcakes, to business card cookies, to cake pops, to mini pastries, to custom cakes for special occasions, Jane does it all.  She was stationed in the Lounge during our Expo, she was pretty easy to find considering there was a huge crowd surrounding her for the majority of the day.


Her attention to detail is astounding, the most minute designs and decorations are carefully placed to create baked goods that look like they should be in a magazine or on a cooking show.  Not only do her creations look amazing, they taste amazing too! We were lucky enough to try a few of her items at our Expo, and we can promise that if she creates a cake or dessert for your event, you will not be disappointed!

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Jane has been decorating cakes for 20 years now, and it is clear that she has mastered her craft over the years, as she has become a Wilton teacher and teaches cake decorating classes to others.  She initially got into decorating to be able to make cakes for her family, and went into a store to pick up some supplies where she met a woman who would later become her teacher.  Jane said that she convinced her that she could make amazing creations when she first began decorating, even though she doubted her own talent.  After trying her hand and falling in love with decorating, she quickly decided to join the Wilton School in Chicago, and once she completed it, she joined many cake decorating clubs and eventually returned to school to take the Wilton Master Class of Cake Decorating.  Now, she is a seasoned pro and loves helping others.  She finds it very rewarding when her students get that great feeling of “I did that!”.


If you have an event coming up that would require pastries or baked goods, there is no one better than Jane Singleton.  Not only did she provide sweets for our Business Expo, she also makes the cupcakes for our Annual Mardi Grad Madness fundraiser, and consistently goes above and beyond not only with her creations, but with the displays for them as well.  Thank you Jane, for everything you do, we love working with you!



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