Expo & Showcase Exhibitor Tips

Pre-Expo Marketing – Let your clients, customers and network know that you’re an exhibitor. If you have a special giveaway or contest let them (and us) know in advance so they can plan to be there!

  • Email dmcfadden@greaterlowellchamber.org and we’ll add your giveaway, raffle, etc. to our website and eblast.
  • Use the flyer that the Chamber will provide with your booth number and share it via email, social media, etc.
  • All the information you’ll need to market yourself and the Expo & Showcase is located at https://greaterlowellcc.org/business-expo-showcase/.

Giveaways – People love free stuff and are happy to walk around with your brand. Be sure to have pens, bags, shirts, etc. to draw people to your booth.

Food – People also love to eat. Something as simple as a cookie, candy or a bag of pretzels is enough to bring people in and engage them.

Contests or Raffles – There’s a lot to be said about the old ‘guess how many jellybeans are in this jar’. People enjoy winning prizes, so make them work for it while having a little fun.

Create an Open Atmosphere – Stand in front of or beside your booth so attendees see how approachable you are. Also, allow people to look around your booth and get close to your table.

Engage the Senses – Nothing is more enticing then a pleasant smell. Serve some fresh food or spray a nice scent on your tablecloth. Just don’t go overboard, you will have neighbors after all.

Make your Booth Colorful – Colors can portray your company’s personality and set the mood. Bright colors set the tone of friendly and happy.

Be Friendly – Smile, offer information and ask open-ended questions to engage attendees. Remember not to be overbearing.

Talk to your Neighbors – You will be spending five hours next to your neighbors so use that time to learn about their business and tell them about yours.

Build your Email List – Use this as an opportunity to collect business cards and build your email list.

Follow Up – Marketing doesn’t stop after the Expo & Showcase!


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