Simple Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page – Pt 2

Now that you’ve implemented some or all of the tips mentioned in part 1 of Simple Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page, we wanted to give you some more tips to play with!

Facebook ads

Take out a Facebook ad to generate a fanbase on Facebook. Just go to the bottom of the page on Facebook (it’s visible on every page) and click on Advertising. A couple great things about Facebook ads are that they are targeted and you can pay per click. Also, you can stop the ads instantly if you want, even if they are scheduled to run longer.

Blog about it

If you write a blog be sure to ask folks to like you on Facebook by including the link to your page. It’s okay to finish every post with the icon and link – if someone is taking the time to read your blog they’ll probably want to see what you’re doing on Facebook as well.

Make a YouTube video

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the United States, so why not create a quick video inviting folks to like you on Facebook? Don’t have a camcorder? Create a slideshow with pictures and set it to music or purchase a Flip camcorder. For $150 the Flip is an excellent deal, it’s easy to use, shoots videos in High Definition and the sound quality is great.

Let people know you are on Facebook when they walk in your door

Hand out a postcard with the link to your Facebook page and encourage your customers and clients to like you. Put the Facebook logo on your door so folks know to look you up.

Add the link to your personal profile

Your Facebook friends may not know your business is on Facebook. Make it easy for them by including the link to your business page in your personal profile under website.

Promote others

Promoting other businesses, organizations and people on Facebook generates goodwill and added exposure for your business. If you post a ‘live link’ to a person or page on Facebook, your post will go directly to their page as a ‘live link.’ This could mean added exposure to hundreds of people! (Create a live link by typing in @pagename – it should pop up and allow you select it.)

Publish Fresh Content

Generate original and unique content on industry trends, news and your business. Create videos to engage visitors and start discussion boards.

Interact with your Fans

Ask your ‘fans’ questions by typing them in the status update block. It’s amazing some of the responses you will get!

Give people a reason to look forward to your posts

Designate at least one day a week to have a theme. For instance, a gym could have Monday Morning Fitness Tip or a Bakery could post a different cupcake recipe every Wednesday.

Let us know what works for you on Facebook. And please don’t forget to like the Greater Lowell Chamber!


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