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It’s easy and cost effective to become a member of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce.

Dues Structure (as of July 1, 2015)

Employee based membership:

1 to 5 employee(s) – $299

6 to 10 employees – $350

11 to 20 employees – $410

20 to 30 employees – $475

31 to 40 employees – $520

41 to 50 employees – $575

51 to 200 employees, dues are $575 plus $1.50 for each employee thereafter.

201 and up, due are $700 plus $1.50 for each employee thereafter.

Affiliate members: $190 based upon membership of the employers business.

Hotels and Extended Living Facilities: $299 plus $2.10 per room (suites equal 2 rooms), plus $125 for restaurants that are internal and operated by the hotel.

Restaurants (free standing or independently owned): $299 plus $1.25 per seat in excess of 25 seats.

Banks and Credit Unions: $550 base membership plus $1.60 per million assets. The dues will be adjusted for the percentage of bank facilities located within the market area of the GLCC.

Universities and Colleges: $500 base membership per school within the University or College.

Memberships are subject  to Board of Directors approval.

Membership Application

  • (Normally the first of the next month)
  • As you would like it to appear in our Membership Directories.
    More information:
  • Membership Directory Heading For Publications

    See Separate Listing of Categories. One listing included with membership. Additional headings available for $50 each, per membership year.
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    Refer a business to become a member of the GLCC and receive $25 off of your membership! (THE BUSINESS MUST SIGN UP AND BE A PAYING MEMBER.)
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