Ronald Couming interviews Trish Blain, Founder of the Ollin Institute, May 7th, 2018

Listen and Learn, Click here for video, Trish Blain, Founder of the Ollin Institute interviewed by Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen Live Here

For a good portion of her life, she was an overachiever, and pushed to create the visions from driving purpose. She heard over and over that she was too intense, idealistic, unrealistic and even that she was “too good to be true.”

For several years now, she saw her path as using her entrepreneurial skills to create a format that would give people a real life experience of what she had learned. She focused on creating businesses, environments and events that embodied The Four Forces.

Create the Experience. Gather the Community. Share the Philosophy.

She held over 300 events and have had several successful retreats. She had meetup groups with over 18,000 subscribers and have been very, very close to manifesting a vision of an innovative meeting space –9 times!! She even have a fully tricked out community hub website built!

She believes that in order to create a new kind of community, new innovative spaces, and amazing “collective ventures” that we could all benefit from – it wasn’t enough to have a underlying philosophy, diverse community, compelling common vision, business or even physical space– she had to teach HOW.

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