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How to be a successful morning person (yes you).

Bee Positive: Advice from the Hive Let’s face it; the summer is a time where we get a little loose with our schedules. With all of that extra daylight, we tend to stay up a little later, which usually means we’re waking up a little later too. Sadly, the summer […]

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13 Deadly Sins Graphic Designers Should Avoid

Whether you are just starting your career, you’re a seasoned veteran or you are on the hunt for the right graphic designer for your company – here are few things to keep in mind. 1. Comic Sans is obsolete This front from the early 2000s is a big no-no for […]

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An Almost Foolproof Plan to Increase Your Twitter Followers

We are living during a time that everyone shares, well, pretty much everything. Whether you like it or not, whether you agree with them or not. One thing we can all agree on it that it’s gonna fill up on your Twitter feed. Twitter allows users to follow important topics, […]

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8 Important Things to Remember Before You Network

Growing a successful business requires participation or some involvement in networking. Luckily, over the years the networking world has flourished. Whatever your interest is, there is a networking group for you. Amid celebrity appearances, boat cruises, whiskey & wine tastings, and paint nights, strategic networking often gets lost. We cannot […]

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5 Web Design Tips that Will Help Increase your Bottom Line

Do you worry about getting double the number of visitors to your site? It’s time to stop worrying about the number of visitors, and start concentrating on increasing sales from people already visiting. Marketers are quick to harp on the importance of SEO, social media and creating lead generation, yet […]

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It’s the Holiday Season . . . Well Almost

I know, I know, the kids just went back to school, Tom Brady hasn’t taken a snap, and here I am talking about the holidays. Trust me when I say before we know it the holiday season will be upon us. We know what that means; our comfortable routines as […]

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5 Reasons you should Refer a Business

Consider this situation: A man walks up to you and offers you a big plate of pasta with a couple of meatballs. No matter what, you’re going to say no to this person. Now consider this: The same man walks up to you with the same plate of pasta, except […]

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Who gives a Tchotchke?

Ever wonder how slapping your logo on a physical item compares to traditional advertising such as radio or TV? Do you debate what promotional products (freebies, tchotchke, swag, etc.) will make the best impression with your clients? The research is in! Read More:

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Power of Color

Want to hear something crazy? The average person makes a subconscious judgment about a product, another person, or the environment within the first ninety seconds of seeing it. We know your parents always told you that you were above average but for the sake of this blog, let that go […]

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